Cute Quotes For Positive Thought

If you like to generate positive thought for you and other people you know, you should really consider reading some cute quotes. A few meaningful words can really change your perspective and feeling about this world. Of course this is not a new age trick, the Chinese people have discovered this phenomenon thousands years ago.

For example this quote: “A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.” This line suggests that a book is like a garden that you can take with yourself anywhere you go. But there is also a deeper meaning that a book is a whole beautiful world by itself. From one side it can be real – like flowers and trees in the garden, and on the other side it can be like a dream – an imaginary fairy garden. It is up to you how you interpret those words of wisdom but either way you will come to the conclusion that cute quotes are a big part of our live.

When you share cute quotes with your friends, you basically spread the words of wisdom from person to person. It is like planting more and more flowers in other gardens until the whole world is becoming happy and colorful. The power of words is really meaningful and can inspire you and motivate you to look for new adventures in your life. As the famous cute quote: “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”.

Another good idea to have in mind while reading those quotes is to write your own quotes to inspire other people’s life and who knows, you might get into the books of histories because of those cute little words. Thinking about cute quotes is more complicated than write them because you have to have a good meaningful idea and sum it up with only few words.

Are You a Great Gardener and Midwife to Your Life?

As we move into the harvest festival time of year, I am moved to reflect upon the amazing abundance within which we live, and explore how we can further enjoy and expand our experience of it.

The definition of appreciate:

1. to think well of; esteem 2. to recognize gratefully 3. to estimate the quality of 4. to be fully or sensitively aware of, to rise in value.

Abundance and appreciation are intimately connected. Through appreciation we can literally raise the value of something. How can this be? How can we basically create something from nothing? How can we create more value through appreciation alone? What is this mysterious power of appreciation?

To understand the power of appreciation we must first recognize the Universe is a miraculous place! There are so many forces and energies working on our behalf it is mind boggling! The fact you are even here and reading these words is an astounding accomplishment, taken for granted by most of us every day. In fact, aren’t most of the amazing miracles that surround us moment by moment taken for granted? How about your heart beat? Do you think about it much? Are you grateful for its each and every miraculous beat? Probably not. Heck, it’s been there from your very beginning, a reliable companion, now mostly taken for granted.

OK, so the Universe is on your side and there are amazing, miraculous forces supporting you, and literally living you. We can call this “Life Force Energy.” Now think of a garden. How does a garden work? Well, you plant a seed, ensure there is sufficient water and sunshine, and over time, voila, you have tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, or whatever seed you planted. It’s a miracle! AND you played a role. Do tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers grow in the wild with no human intervention? Of course they do. But if you want them in your life, conveniently, fresh, and regularly, you have some work to do.

If you want an abundant harvest in the garden of your life, your role is like one of a loving gardener. A loving gardener pays attention to their garden, watering just enough, but not too much, ensuring enough sun, but not too much, providing fertilizer, but not too much. This is a delicate balance in partnership with Life Force Energy. It’s the Life Force Energy that grows the plant, not the gardener. The gardener is like a mid-wife, there to support and ensure that all the elements needed for the ultimate creation are available. Like a master chef, Life Force Energy assembles the ingredients and transforms them into the newly desired form. No human can do this directly. What we can do is set our intention, bring things together, and then SURRENDER to the Life Force and allow it to produce the miracle.

Now, taking the garden example and applying it to your life, what is there for you to do to ensure you experience an abundant harvest in all areas of your life? Bring the ingredients needed for the miracle you are wanting to experience. One of the most powerful ingredients is appreciation. Looking back at the definition of appreciation, notice it includes “to rise in value.” Appreciation is a kind of metaphysical alchemical tool; it’s an energetic ingredient which causes that to which it is applied “to rise in value.” How cool is that? Because the Life Force itself is energy, by appreciating its work in our life – in whatever area that may be – we can increase the value of those areas!

Some other very powerful midwife ingredients for birthing miracles and abundance in your life include: love, intention, attention, patience, surrender, courage, focus, curiosity, imagination, and creativity to name a few. Like a gardener who brings the right ingredients together to optimize a miraculous outcome, think about how you can skillfully combine these various ingredients. Then, in partnership with Life Force Energy working on your behalf, allow IT to birth the baby you desire into your life. Eventually, as you become a more skillful gardener and midwife to your life, you can allow the Life Force Energy itself to tell you what IT needs to birth the miracle being worked on in your life. When in true partnership, IT will tell you what is needed, you only need listen and provide. And another note, IT will never ask you for something you don’t have; you will always have what IT needs to produce miracles and abundance in your life.

“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” ~ Jesus of Nazareth

Spiritual life coaching can help you establish a strong and reliable connection to Life Force Energy and become a powerful midwife to your life.

Try this:

Take 10 minutes right now and make a list of all the things you appreciate in your life. Put everything on there; the fact you have a pen and paper, the air you are breathing, the body you have, the clothes keeping you warm, wonderful friends and family, the computer to read this article, the water in your glass, etc. etc. etc. You have so much to appreciate in your life. Notice if doing this increases the value of these things in your life. Hmmmm, isn’t that interesting?

Congratulations – you’re one step closer to your mojo!